Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Epidemia Mundial

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Health Experts Warn Of Global Obesity Pandemic From Donna Newman

Junk food is just the tip of this iceberg.

We have become a chemically-addictive, pesticide spayed, hormone pumped society. There is really not a food group out here today that has not been chemically altered and we wonder why people are obese, and suffer from every disease known to mankind.

Check the labels of the food you are eating. The hormones being injected into the farmed fish, chicken, beef are actually growing breasts on children who have not even reached puberty. The pesticides sprayed on our fruit and vegetables for years. Where do you think these chemicals go? Directly into our blood stream and cells.

So, we really do not need a panel of scientists to study this problem. It is simple. The corporate food conglomerates are killing the population and have been for decades. Our children are the guinea pigs of their greed.

So where do we go from here? Stop buying their food products until they change what they put in them. Eat as naturally as possible. Stop going to McDonalds, Burger King and Kentucky fried chicken. Cook at home and use real food products as much as possible. Stop feeding your children the pizza, ice cream and mounds of sugar daily. This is not rocket science. Hit the big corporations where it hurts and stop buying their junk food. Stop eating at fast food places filled with fat, grease and sugar. Give your children and yourself home cooked meals with real vegetables, and lots of fruit. Maybe if society decided to change its eating habits the manufacturers will follow our lead and not the other way around.

You know, 20-40 years ago I cannot even remember a fat kid in school and if there was one or two they were the minority. Now they are the majority. What changed? They used to serve hot nourishing meals in school. There were no Pepsi and Coke machines, pizza and hamburgers with fries every day. We had juice, and milk. Real potatoes, not fake ones full of chemicals. No processed food. When we got home we had a real meal there as well.

I understand that most families have to work and cooking is not a priority, but you can still make nourishing meals and not spend all day in the kitchen. Get Kathy Ray's book "30 minute meals". She uses real food and it only takes 30 minutes. So folks, sorry to go on an on but we can turn a lot of this around if we start with ourselves and loved ones.

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